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The silence of the oral yoga tradition

We cannot exclude the existence of a relatively extensive oral tradition, where adept teachers through dialogues systematically taught their students how to practise yoga. The Upanishads, with their dialogues between a teacher and an enquirer, are examples of such an oral teaching tradition. In the first centuries of their existence, the Upanishads were not written down but were transmitted verbally. Much later these proto-texts became written texts. The question is, if there existed a similar oral and practical yoga proto-text tradition, why was it never written down? And even if such an oral tradition among the Kshatriyas did not manage to produce written texts, why did other text traditions never refer to it? We will soon look into these questions.

So in this period where proto-texts became written yoga texts like the Upanishads and the Mahabharata, we see both genres clearly assuming a practical tradition. But we hear nothing about this practical milieu, maybe because the unorthodox Brahmin co-writers were not much interested in this practical tradition. They were rather concerned about its theological implications. Hence in the Upanishads they enveloped yoga in their emerging Vedanta philosophy.

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