Sun Salutation Back Bend Pose

Sun Salutation Back Bend Pose

This is often the first position of a power yoga session. Stand straight, with your feet together and your hands by your sides. As you inhale, lift both arms straight out to your sides, and up towards the ceiling until they are straight up above your head. Push your hips forward and arch your back and push your arms back, positioning your head back so that you are looking at your hands.

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There are many causes of back pain, but chronic stress is a critical one. When it can be hard to let go in life, our back muscles can physically respond to this by gripping and tightening.

I say this as someone who does lots of yoga and movement, and yet is occasionally sidelined with debilitating pain. I sometimes take this pain as an opportunity to reconnect with myself; to slow down and soften with a meditation practice that honors my present state. (I also take it as a chance to rail against the unfairness of the whole situation, but let’s focus on the grounded version of me, okay?)

Make yourself very comfortable and then close your eyes. You may not be feeling terrific in your back. That’s okay. Meditation is not designed to “distract” you.

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