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In the yoga discourse, as we saw it exemplified in the early-yoga chapter, we were presented with the following mythical narrative: sages in deep meditative contemplation conceived yoga. The yoga canon is hence reports of those experiences. Implied in this narrative is that we should take the sages’ claims and notions very seriously, as they have experienced events that most people cannot even contemplate. The mythical narrative in other words invests the sage with symbolic capital .

However, and this is a big however, the truth of such claims has not been controlled and tested.. The first act that modern academic methodology would undertake when facing such claims about the anatomy of (meditative) reality would be to test them. This has not happened to the YS, even if the notions are experimentally testable. The claims of the sages have been accepted at face value.

I am not suggesting that the meditating sages are deliberately lying, but we know from countless social psychological experiments that the human mind easily can be put in a situation where it is deluded (Kahneman 2011). Another possibility of flaws is that the meditators’ presuppositions framed and guided their meditative experiences. They thus came to experience what they expected to experience. This is also a well-known phenomenon in social psychology.

Participants were put on a 1,800 calories/day Sukasana, Sukhasana Yoga Pose diet and made no changes in their usual physical activities. After 16 weeks the placebo group Sukasana, Sukhasana Yoga Pose lost an average of 3 pounds 1.5% of initial body weight versus the fucoxanthin group’s average loss of 14.5 pounds 7% of initial body weight. The weight was preferentially lost from abdomenal fat tissues. Other benefits of fucoxanthin were reduction in C-reactive protein associated with cardiovascular risk, decreased triglyceride levels, reduced blood pressure, and improvement in liver enzymes. The weight-loss product was well tolerated with no adverse side effects Abidov, in press. Fucothin has not been tested in patients with medication-induced weight gain.

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