Strengthen Your Hamstrings And Tone Your Bottom And Legs

Strengthen your hamstrings and tone your bottom and legs


Keep your neck long and the crown of your head lifted towards the ceiling the entire time.


Anchor down through your arms to keep your upper body lifted and your chest open.


Keep your torso still throughout. Stay propped up on your elbows and keep your abdomen lifted,

but don’t let your torso shift during the kicks.


Your elbows should be directly under your shoulders, slightly wider than your shoulders.


Pull your navel in towards your spine to help you engage your pelvic floor.


Keep your upper thighs and knees pressed together firmly throughout the exercise.

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This Pilates exercise focuses on your bottom, hamstrings and spine. As it tones and shapes the backs

of your thighs and glutes, it also lengthens and stretches the fronts of your legs and hip flexors.


• Lie face-down on a mat with your legs extended behind you. Press your legs together and rest the

tops of your feet on the mat.

• Prop up your upper body by bending yourelbows and resting on your forearms.

• On an inhalation, lengthen your spine a bitmore and point your toes.

• On an exhalation, flex your foot and kickyour left heel in toward the centre of yourleft buttock with two short pulses. Keepboth your upper thighs and your kneespressed together.

• Lower your left leg to the mat, keeping itfully extended, while simultaneously kicking your right foot in towards your right buttock with two short pulses.


If you have a problem with your lower back open your legs so they’re slightly apart or, instead of

placing your forearms below your shoulders, cross them one on top of the other in front of your

head, and rest your forehead on them.

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