Stott Pilates Reformer Exercises

Stott Pilates Reformer Exercises

At my first meeting, Jerzy took photos of me. As with other Happy Body clients, the photos told the truth. I was fifty pounds overweight, big-bellied, and hunched in the shoulders. Jerzy set a time line for me and explained the simple diet. No excep¬tions; just follow the plan. He allowed me to have the coffee I loved at breakfast and the gin and diet tonic I loved at night. After a lifetime of skipping meals and then grazing all evening, this would be a big change in habits. The first few days felt difficult in some ways, but I was not crazy hungry as I had been before. For dinner

I would have a great steak and a drink, and I thought, “I can do this!”

The Happy Body plan started with light weights and a new way of breathing during the routine. It felt good compared to the ineffective exercise boot camp I had been doing.

From mid-September through January, I lost approximately two pounds every week. Jerzy and Aniela were so encouraging, pointing out improvements that I didn’t see at all.

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As I started shrinking in size, my daughter Laura one day busted out, “Dad just wanted all new clothes, that’s why he’s doing this.” She was bothered by my clothes purchases. I was truly trying to hang on to some things, but even my underwear was too loose and had to be replaced the old stuff was donated or tossed. This was another ritual that helped change my mind-set.

I have found the changing weight routine challenging and encouraging as I have watched my body transform. One of my clients said it well: “You not only lost weight, but your whole body has changed. You are fit.” Other friends have told me, “You look years younger.” The best comment was, “You look hot!” I had never heard that one before! My doctor was shocked when she read my chart and saw the weight loss, and she was further impressed with the results of my blood work and my lower blood pressure. As a parent, I love to hear my kids now say, “I want to eat something healthy, like dad would eat.”

I have now lost forty-five pounds and am toughing out the last five. The Happy Body program gave me the transformation I needed and wanted. My 50th birthday is going to be awesome!

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