Standing Half-Spinal Twist

This pose can be done in an airport while you wait for your luggage or at your hotel.

1. Stand straight, put your left hand in the small of your back, and extend your right hand upward, palm turned toward your head.

2. Feet together, gently twist the body, taking the head and shoulders to the right. The lower half of your trunk remains straight. Do not push, but gently stretch. Return to center and repeat for the opposite side.

Remember: No matter what city you are in, there will always be a yoga studio or yoga classes.

This is an opportune time to drop in and discover a new class. If you travel to a particular destination a great deal, search for a yoga class that you can drop in on on an irregular basis.

Some of the biggest companies in the country have added yoga classes for employees. Among them: Apple Computer, IBM, AT&T, NYNEX, George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic, and Levi-Strauss.

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