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If we recall the reading of chapter three of HYP on mudras and bandhas, we also have the impression of a chapter which could stand alone; the addition of raja-yoga at the very end of the chapter was not necessary – it only created problems. So the two observations – a chapter three scrapped for the final raja-yoga verses and the quotation above about the existence of hatha yogis not doing raja-yoga – both raise the suspicion that there was such a thing as a self-sufficient hatha-yoga liberation – for instance Kundalini rising and Sakti being released.

So there were probably groups before HYP who did not practise samadhi meditation, as their techniques by themselves delivered the final goals. Or they were perhaps not interested at all in lofty liberation concepts, since they only wanted to become physically immortal? In order to find an answer to the question of a self-contained hatha discourse – practices which can lead to ultimate goals and which were not categorised as yoga' – let us return to one of the early scriptures on hatha – a version of Goraksa-sataka on which HYP so heavily relied.

Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research Standing Big Toe Yoga Pose and Quality, 2002b. Tests of SAMe in pregnant rodents found no teratogenic potential Cozens, Standing Big Toe Yoga Pose Barton, Clark, Gibson, Hughes et al.

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Although there are no definitive prospective studies of SAMe to rule out teratogenic or neurodevelopmental effects in humans, it should be noted that there are no such studies with standard prescription antidepressants. No mutagenic activity has emerged in studies of SAMe in vitro or in vivo Pezzoli, Galli-Kienle, & Stramentinoli, 1987. The amount of SAMe passing to infants through breast milk has not been measured.

However, infants normally have high levels of SAMe, three to seven times higher than in adults Surtees & Hyland, 1989. SAMe is needed for myelination of the developing brain the myelin sheath that forms around neurons enables transmission of electrical impulses.

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