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When the process is uncoupled, protons are lost and instead Sphinx Yoga Pose of capturing the energy in a usable form ATP, the energy is lost and dissipated as Sphinx Yoga Pose heat. The upregulation of UCP-1 shifts the balance towards more uncoupling. Consequently, the cells must burn more carbohydrates and fats in order to produce the same amount of ATP. In other words, by reducing the efficiency of mitochondrial energy production, UCP-1 makes the system burn more supplies fats and carbohydrates, increasing the metabolic rate Leonid Ber, 2007, personal communication,.

In an eight-week study of female rats, olanzapine reduced nocturnal plasma melatonin levels by 55% and caused an 18% increase in body weight. In rats given olanzapine + melatonin, nocturnal melatonin levels returned to normal and there was only a 10% increase in weight. The normal age-associated weight increase in rats given neither experimental substance was 7%, but the increase in animals given melatonin alone was 5% Raskind, Burke, Crites, Tapp, & Rasmussen, 2007. Whether the positive effects of melatonin in reducing weight gain in rats will be found in human studies remains to be seen.

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