Are you specially prone to stress disease?

We all encounter stress but some of us cope with it more easily than others. A theory exists that there is what is called an A-type personality who is particularly prone to stress-producing disease. Such a person is:

1. A go-getter, loves competition, has a dominating personality, wants to succeed at all costs, is a quick and efficient worker.

2. Has a high aggression quota in his or her personality, gets cross easily, moves and eats quickly, is impatient, gets angry if delayed or kept waiting.

3. Is very time-conscious, wants to get things done quickly, likes deadlines (so they can be beaten), gets upset if idle and likes to fill up time with closely-tailored multiple schedules.

Those who believe in this theory believe that to escape the hazards of excessive stress such men and women should go about changing their ways in order to become B-type people who are the very opposite in personality make-up. I have found that to get these leopards to change their spots is usually impossible, and even if you do partially succeed, the A-type personality really despises his new persona. Better in such people is an understanding of the Human Function Curve, a concept put forward by a London cardiologist, Dr Peter Nixon.

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