Spd Pregnancy Exercises

Spd Pregnancy Exercises

One can explain these laws over and over again and yet the prevailing activity on the planet is a demonstration of the lack of their application. Humanity could be likened to a being whose mind is open and illuminated, whose heart is opening rapidly, but whose etheric and physical wallets remain stubbornly shut.

If one conducted an audit of the consciousness on the planet one would find the majority of it focused upon money and the physical body, as if these were precious commodities that needed to be stored up for the future rather than expended to ensure there was a future.

Our physical bodies and our material wealth are the result of the accumulation of all the thoughts and actions that we and others have taken in the past. Trying to protect and conserve this past for fear there will be no future is to contribute to that lack of future through perpetuation of old patterns.

Consider the resources tied up in health, diet fads, financial trading, superannuation and insurance. The fear of death and the fear of the future would stop the world if it were not for the counter-balancing energy of greed.

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