Sofa Workout: 15 Best Exercises You Can Do On The Sofa


March slowly on the spot for one minute, lifting your knees and bringing the opposite elbow to each knee as you march. Next, pull a sofa cushion onto the floor in front of you and, standing on your right leg, tap it with your left foot, then swap legs. Keep swapping legs for one minute. Repeat both moves three times in total.

1 Sit on the floor with the sofa behind you, with your knees bent and feet hip-width apart.

2 Lean back onto the sofa so you can feel the edge of the seat below your shoulder blades (be very careful not to put any pressure on your neck – pop a cushion under your bottom if you need to).

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3 Crossing your arms over your chest, exhale as you push through your feet and lift your hips and bottom slowly towards the ceiling, until you finish with a straight line from your knees all the way to your shoulders.

4 Hold this position for a count of two, then reverse the movement, gradually lowering your hips and bottom down to the floor.

5 Stop just before your bottom touches the floor, then push back up again through your heels. Throughout the exercise, try to keep your knees, hips and ankles aligned so you’re only moving up and down, not side to side.


1 Kneel facing the sofa with your legs hip-width apart and hands shoulder-width apart on the seat in front of you.

2 Bending your elbows out to the side, lower your body down towards the sofa, chest level with your hands. Keep your stomach muscles firm and your hips and back straight as you lower until your elbows are at 90 degree right angles.

3 Press back up into the start position, extending your arms without locking out your elbows.

4 Without rocking or twisting your body, touch your left shoulder with your right hand – you should feel your tummy muscles working hard to keep you stable.

5 Repeat from step 2, this time tapping your right shoulder with your left hand.


1 Kneel facing the sofa with your legs hip-width apart and hands shoulder-width apart on the seat in front of you. Roll through your toes and push back into your heels as you raise your bottom towards the ceiling, stretching out your arms alongside your ears. This creates an upside-down V shape with your body, which is called the downward dog position.

2 Bring your right knee forward and across towards your left elbow, at the same time moving your upper body forward until your shoulders are directly above your hands, arms straight. There should be a straight line from your shoulders all the way to your left heel.

3 Return your right leg to the floor and push back into your heels, lifting your bottom back into the downward dog position.

4 Now bring your left knee forward to repeat step 2 on the other side.


1 Sit on the sofa near the edge with your feet on the floor in front of you, hip-width apart, and take hold of your cushion with both hands.

2 Lean back slightly so that you feel your tummy muscles working, keeping your back straight and tummy tightened.

3 Holding the cushion out in front of you, arms bent, twist through the torso and touch it to the seat on your left side, keeping your back strong, shoulders back and hips facing forwards.

4 Now twist in the opposite direction, tap the cushion on the right side and repeat, tapping alternate sides.


1 Stand close to the sofa, facing forwards, and place a cushion on the seat in front of you.

2 Keeping your chest up and shoulders back, pull in your tummy muscles, squat backwards as if sitting on a chair, and take hold of the cushion with both hands.

3 Without arching your lower back, push through your heels to stand tall and lift the cushion above your head.

4 Slam the cushion down onto the sofa in front of you, then repeat from the start.


1 Stand facing away from the sofa with your fingertips touching the back of your head. Keep your elbows and shoulders back (you’ll feel a squeeze between your shoulder blades) and keep your tummy muscles tightened, too.

2 Squat slowly back and down, bending from the hips and knees, either to sit down or touch your bottom to the sofa if you prefer.

3 Power back up into the start position, keeping a slight bend in the knees, then squat down again.

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