Smoothing Sea Kelp Shampoo & Conditioner

Smoothing Sea Kelp Shampoo & Conditioner

After the summer, hair can be left damaged by the sun’s UV rays leaving it dry, brittle, prone to breakage, dull and unmanageable. This wonderful shampoo and conditioner contains fatty acid-rich sea kelp to help rehydrate hair, Hawaiian ginger root, frangipani and kukui nut oil to help tame flyaway hair leaving it more manageable, silky and smooth.

Beetox Face Mask

The face mask is recommended for using twice a week to plump up, tighten and firm the skin. And by using the two products together, the results will leave you with younger, fresher and firmer skin. Personally I’m bowled over by these products, and I’ve definitely seen noticeable results!

However – these products are not recommended to be used by anyone that is allergic or reacts to bee stings. Both available from

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Some days, it feels like the whole world is smiling with you. In others, it feels like the world is scowling at you and you’d do anything for a genuine “How are you doing today?” kind of smile. You may have even caught your own face in a mirror and thought, “Damn, that person looks mean.”

Resting bitch face. It’s a thing.

One of the most famous Tao meditation practices is known as the “inner smile.” Ever smiled at your liver? Give it a shot on a day when you feel that you and the world are not on the best terms.

Sit comfortably and tall, allowing the muscles of your neck and face to relax. Come into the present moment by taking a couple of deep, steady, and controlled breaths. Start to let the corners of your mouth lightly lift. This should be a subdued Mona Lisa smile that supports the relaxation of your face.

Bring your attention to the center of your brain or the point equidistant between the ears. In Taoism this is known as the Crystal Palace, the place between the pineal and pituitary glands. Feel the energy gathering in this place.

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