Sitting Meditation


A calming posture which reduces stress.

Sit with your legs crossed on a cushion or two if you find your back tends to round, or sit in half or full lotus, if you are able to. Lengthen through your spine and place your palms facing up on your knees or use a mudra. Close your eyes and relax your mind and body. Let your breath flow in and out of your body as it likes.

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See if you can allow yourself to drop into a peaceful and calm place. Let your thoughts and tensions go. Don't force the process; just do what you can. Stay for two to three minutes or longer if you have it. Then take a couple of long inhales and exhales before opening your eyes and slowly coming up standing.


When I think of living ethically and making ethical choices I always come back to authenticity, truth and taking responsibility for the fact that our external world is a reflection of our internal state of being. But how do we remain authentic in a world of too many choices, too much information and this prevailing need to get it all right?

What I have learned for myself is that an overabundance of choices actually causes more stress than freedom. We get stuck in trying to make the right choice, be it ethical or otherwise. The anxiety that can arise simply from the great overwhelm of ‘too much' can be paralysing. The irony is that we oscillate from scarcity to over-consumption. It pulls us too far in either direction, swinging us out of balance, keeping us always slightly off kilter.

There is no one answer to resolve this but what I have personally found is reconnecting to my intuition has enabled me to make better choices that reflect my deeper truth, creating a happier more fulfilled outcome. There is no such thing as the right choice or even the right intuition. Making choices and tuning into our intuition is about connecting to what our body is telling us and how we are feeling about what is present for us now -not yesterday, not tomorrow, but truly in this present moment.

But it's all too easy to repress that inner voice, to doubt it and let it slip beneath the louder voice of our minds with their incessant chatter. The logical mind will convince us that it is right and knows better. This is the challenge – intuition is a subtle voice that rests in the subtle body. One has to be still to hear it and trusting to follow it. It won t be logical or rational but it will feel right, it will feel in harmony with our being.

So how do we practise following our intuition? Say it aloud. When you feel something, or that inner, gentle voice speaks, say it aloud even if it's to yourself. In a recent interview, Sonia Choquette spoke about intuition and how we respond to hearing our own voice. She said that we like the sound of our own voice, so when the vibration comes back to us after having spoken aloud, we listen. Putting it out there” makes it more real. Keeping it inside, it’s easy to drown that voice out amidst the background noise. Still, we have a choice. What we choose to do with that voice, with that statement, is essentially up to us and that is where we can take responsibility. We might still make a choice that we wish in retrospect we had chosen the other but we can no longer say ‘Why didn't I listen to that voice,

I knew I should have! ? At least when we say it and make a choice based on admitting our truth, we can take responsibility for the choice that we consciously made. I remind myself that not making a decision is still a decision feel something or that inner; gentle voice speaks, say it aloud even if it’s to yourself.

Again, there is no right or wrong. It is a practice of trying and failing and trying again. The more we tune in. The more we listen, the more we speak our truth and what our hearts desire, we get in the habit, the very healthy habit, of following and trusting our own inner guidance. But it's important to leave right, wrong and good and bad at the door. Life isn't about succeeding or failing, it's about learning, growing, evolving and being within the experience.

So next time you are faced with a choice, take a moment to be still, feel into what your body is telling you – your heart not your mind- and say it aloud. Then make a choice and go for it. You can always make another choice the next time. We need to learn to be resilient, to be fluid and flexible and more gracious and humble with the way we are. Striving for perfection doesn't make us perfect, it makes us feel ashamed of who we are when we fall short. So just begin the practice without needing to get anywhere other than just a little bit closer to who you truly are.

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