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On top of all this, we find what could be called human culture. It could vaguely and cautiously be defined as the learned, socially acquired traditions of thoughts, language and behaviour found in human societies’ 399 We are here talking about our beliefs, meanings, preferences, values, habits, music, philosophy, religion, myth – our feelings and mental life. These are expressed in and formed by language and discourses. This book focusses on culture as the production of meaning, self-identity, symbols and discourses.

Sanderson’s model merely functions as a loose guidance for how I explain change and order – persistence and transformations – on any level in the model. Usually I will start from these matrices and hence the reader will also find all chapters of the book starting with an outline of the fundamental matrix. However, it is not a deterministic model but a hypercomplex dynamic adaptive system. It is an evolving system fluctuating between chaos and order and between continuity and discontinuity. It is about conditions in which a human reacts – and here they have a lot of choices! And when humans act in large groups they can change conditions – and force other groups into action. The discourses and cultural fields like yoga should be seen in this context: they often react to and relate to the social conditions which they try to influence.

Contraindications: Congestive heart failure, gastroesophageal reflux, cerebrovascular disease Simple yoga postures for weight loss , severe arterial insufficiency. Props: A blanket and a wall, possibly a pillow. Simple yoga postures for weight loss Avoiding pitfalls: Find the right props for comfort. Use a piece of furniture instead of a wall if it is more comfortable that way. Set a blanket on the floor near a wall or piece of furniture that can support your legs. Lie on one side parallel to the wall. Roll over onto your back and raise your legs up the wall. Your legs may be straight or slightly bent.

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