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The rotation is almost invariably toward the convex side and backward Simple yoga poses for weight loss , so that the ribs fill up the enlarged space there, producing a bulge or hump Simple yoga poses for weight loss in the back. More specific scoliosis diagnoses are made from simple back-to-front X-rays of the neck, chest, and lumbar spine that are then mounted together, yielding a long thin X-ray of the entire spine.

There are standard ways of accurately measuring the curves, often with a four- to six-degree margin of error. Curves are generally either simple C-shaped curves or more complex S-shaped ones. The S-shaped curves generally have convex cervical spines and convex thoracolumbar spines in opposite directions.

Some scoliosis resolves spontaneously with forward bending and is called idiopathic, meaning of no known cause. Scoliosis diagnoses are named for the size of the curve, for its place in the spine, and for right dextro- or left levo- convexity. Thus, the diagnosis thirty-five-degree nonidiopathic rotatory thoracolumbar dextroscoliosis would translate into lay terms as an unchanging thirty-five-degree curve with its apex on the right, involving the vertebrae of the chest and abdomen, with a humplike bulge in the right lower back.

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