Simple Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Simple Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Your life is really dependent on your attitude to pretty much everything.

Therefore the picture on the left there is right spot on for me. If you do not let go of those feelings for someone then that person will live inside your head annoying you and they have absolutely no idea that they are doing so.

My wife often said that she would rather work with men as men do not tend to hold grudges, we just let things go. To an extent I agree with her. If I (as a man) have an argument or disagreement with someone, I say what I want to say. If I then reflect that I am wrong I will apologise

However, I generally do not hold grudges. I may do for a short period of time then it is best to just let it go. I don’t want to dwell on negative thoughts at all about anyone or anything or any event.

One technique I use is to pretend that I am standing on the balcony of our old apartment in Dubai and I am looking down on the bridge in front of me. I see myself come onto the bridge. I take a red balloon out of my pocket. I blow my negative thoughts into the balloon and tie a knot in it. I watch myself let go of the balloon and wave goodbye to it. There it is gone.

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