Side Plank Yoga Pose

Side Plank Yoga Pose


A powerful arm balance on its own, Side Plank and its variations are great way to prepare for more advanced arm balances. Side Planks mimic the standing Yoga Poses, but are done on the side, therefore challenging your perspective, mental focus, and balance. They strengthen the arms, wrists, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and spine. The variations include hip openers, back bends, and hamstring stretches.

QUALITY Energizing, grounding EFFECT Stability, strength PROPS None GAZE Up

1 Begin in Downward-Facing Dog Pose and move into a Plank Yoga Pose Pose, reaching back though your heels and forward with your chest. Lift your ribs and navel. Shift your right hand to the center of your mat and roll over onto the outer edge of your right foot. Stack your left foot directly on top of your right, flexing strongly through both your feet.

2 Lift your hips so they’re in line with your shoulders. When you feel stable, lift your left arm straigl up to the sky.

3 Stay for up to 5 breaths, twisting your right hip slightly up toward the sky and drawing your botton ribs in. Gaze either at the wall in front of you or up toward your left hand.

4 With all variations, return to Plank Yoga Pose and rest in Child’s Yoga Pose Pose, before repeating on the side.


If this Yoga Pose puts too much pressure on your right wrist, lower your right shin to the ground with your right knee directly under your right hip for a Supported Side Plank.

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