Side Crow Yoga Pose

Side Crow Yoga Pose


If Crow Yoga Pose is too challenging, place a block toward the top of your mat. Come to perch on your tiptoes on the wide side of the block, and follow the steps above but keep your toes together and your knees wide. Place your hands on the ground and you’ll have some extra lift in your hips to easily shift your weight forward and play with balance. Follow the rest of the steps above.

Parsva Bakasana

Side Crow is the rotated version of Crow Pose. It’s a more challenging version that amplifies all its benefits with a cleansing twist and added mental and physical challenges. It can also be practiced with a block under your feet for extra lift.

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QUALITY Energizing, grounding EFFECT Cleansing, heat, stability, strength PROPS Block GAZE Forward and down

1 Begin in Mountain Yoga Pose Pose with your feet together, approaching this challenge with confident Inhale while you raise your arms above your head and dive forward over your legs into a Standing Forward Bend Pose.

2 Bend your knees deeply, keeping your knees and ankles together, and lift your heels up so you are perching on the balls of your feet. Balance on your tiptoes, with your heels touching your buttocks and your hands at your heart as if in prayer.

3 Keep your shins facing forward, but twist your torso to the right as much as possible, and place yo hands on the ground with your left elbow on the outside of your right thigh.

4 Press both hands firmly into the ground, and roll your right shoulder back in line with the left. Bend your elbows, making a shelf to place your legs on. Shift your weight forward, keeping your inner thighs together, and lift your feet off the ground as you focus your gaze forward.

5 Stay here for 3 to 5 breaths, and release into a Standing Forward Bend.

6 Repeat on the left side, and then return to Mountain Yoga Pose.

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