Side Angle Pose Yoga

Side Angle Pose Yoga

We used to live overlooking a school playing field. It was summer and a group of girls were playing some hand clapping game under the trees by our house. All of a sudden a young boy came along shouting and completely disrupted the game. The girls stopped their game and the moment was lost.

As men we can be much the same, completely insensitive to situations and what is needed in the moment. We often react in completely the wrong way. Women can too but because of their nature generally they are much more people focused than us men. Here there is a lesson to be learned.

There are more women on Facebook and on Pinterest too, women make more phone calls and are much more sociable generally. And there is a kindness and thoughtfulness that women bring to life that we men would do well to learn from.

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I recall an incident in my life that reminded me that sometimes women instinctively know the right way to react.

I was in the office of a building contractor and on one of the sites where I was working (I only visited the site periodically) there had been an accident. A piling rig had fallen over (this is like a mobile crane sort of a machine). My immediate response to the Site Manager was what was he going to do about getting on with the job?

I started to spread the news around the office. All the men had similar reactions to me. One person advised me to contact the insurance department. Another advised me to start ringing round a few piling companies to get a replacement.

However all the women asked exactly the same question when I gave them the news.

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