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Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m going to teach you how to do side angle pose the last you posts that we’ve done we’ve covered triangle pose Sun citation a and B. And also worried too and reverse warrior. So this is another common pose that’s sort of variation the same length position as you get in warrior two and in reverse warrior so to start our side angle pose we can do the same as a warrior two and reverse warrior. So the right leg is going to step forward two toes point towards the fret to the match hello plates gonna take a nice big step back again getting your front knee over your ankle make sure it has growth in or out and grounding down the outer edge of the back foot. And your proper right hand down inside of our right foot now to reach the floor for some people it may be quite challenging here in which case it might useful to grab a yoga block. But you don’t have one to grab them by 5 o’clock just pop your hand now just a block coming in onto the fingertips becomes comfortable for you perhaps get in the path of that. And you’re gonna press your right shoulder into the inside of the right wall.

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And then take the left hand up towards the sky so visit your side. And your pose some common problems here are that the right needs tends to collapsium so what you want to do is really press your right shoulder gives you inside of the right knee to pick a nice rest on the inside of the right thigh through you pull the left shoulder back reach the left hand up to the sky as you tuck your right hip under you. And then peel the left hip back feel the childhood to the ribcage back again to spilling my heart up as much as you can make ground down through the outer edge of the back foot again lifting up from the inner arch pressing down through the big totally off the front foot you can breathe here for three to five bricks will come out in a number of ways I wanna look down at the floor perhaps taking the left hand down coming out like this or more commonly coming back up through warrior two looking back down towards a big toe. And then coming all the way back up maybe coming to triangle maybe coming through a vinyasa many options from here so now I’m going to show you how to go from a vinyasa maybe you gain from warrior two as we were doing in the last sequence. And come through your side angle pose. So you guys fast again starting at the front of your mat toes together heels together then inhale hands higher up towards the sky exhale as you fold full is drawing into anybody hinging and hips inhale lengthen through the spine exhale step or hop back to high plank position coming down through chaturanga up dog calm down. So we’re gonna come true warrior two.

So Inhale you’re right for that pod tonight hi tails that go right through through between the mountains. But in health award we’re up why to warrior to a site that will place our right hand down inside the right side Xena Chicanos lat on the fingertips pull maybe using your block. And then taking your left hand up towards the sky pulling the left shoulder back as you tuck your right hip underneath you trying to bring the top edge of the rib cage away from them by rather than collapsing down onto it by breathing here again three two and one and look back down at your big toe inhale come all the way up to warrior two. And it’s getting the hands over the head and down to the mat set the right foot back to downward facing dog roll forwards to high plank chaturanga up dog and down dog let’s do the left side in our left behind subscribe hey exhales that the left foot through to a runner’s lunge. And then inhale come all the way out open wide warrior two. And then take your left hand down inside your left foot right hand comes up high to the sky no silent repose again so again that left hip tucks under right hip peels open left shoulder presidency inside the left knee get a nice stretch down the inside of the left thigh Brown a big pouf right big toe when you don’t reach my breath look down toward your front big toe. And then you help them all the way back time for me to spin the handle the hands arms the mast get the length of back to downward-facing dog go forwards high plank chaturanga breathing hearing your down dog for three to five breaths when you join your three to five. And the knees let’s step or jump your feet up behind the house inhale exhale as you inhale sweep the arms wide come all the way up exhale.

So that is how to transition through a vinyasa doing side angle pose and warrior two thank you so much for reading today and learning how to do side angle pose I hope you found the lesson useful. And you can start to thread into the other sequences that we’ve been practicing thank you so much for those of you that comment it below. But you would like to leave a new comment please do. So, if you’d like to subscribe you can do that above thanks so much hope see you soon my line.

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