Shoulder-Pressing Yoga Pose

Two mudras – or two asanas?

One way of seeing a certain group of mudras is to perceive them as bodily symbols of divine energies – embodied mandalas. They seem to link into all kinds of aboriginal and Tantric esoteric rite and rituals.

In HYP half of the mudras – like the maha-mudra and maha-vedha-mudra – are mainly poses and they function as seals. Some of them are shown above and seem very connected to the notion of stopping the bindu from dripping down into the stomach. Most yoga students would at first glance believe that these mudras were asanas. The mudra poses are often strenuous arrangements of the body hold for prolonged time. It is easy to imagine that their purpose was to contain and re-direct body fluids. Maybe some modern asanas have their origin in mudras?

The memory problem was first treated with galantamine with increases to Shoulder-Pressing Yoga Pose48 mg/day, bringing some improvement in short-term memory. When 30 mg Shoulder-Pressing Yoga Pose/day memantine Namenda was added, he became less agitated, less anxious, more appropriate, and he resumed speaking to his wife and others. His wife was able to take breaks as he became able to accept and relate to caregivers. This relative improvement in a progressive degenerative process provided important relief for the patient and his family. Maintaining energy supplies supports optimal brain function and repair mechanisma. Coenzyme Q10, Idebenone, Ubiquinol Coenzyme Q10 CoQ10 and its variants enhance the adenosine triphosphate-producing mitochondrial electron transport chain responsible for providing the energy needed for cellular functions Gillis, Benefield, & McTavish, 1994; Matsumoto et al., 1998; Mordente, Martorana, Minotti, & Giardina, 1998; Rego, Santos, & Oliveira, 1999. Ubiquinol, the reduced form of CoQ10, is an important antioxidant protecting membrane lipids from peroxidation.

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