Shoulder Pose Yoga

Shoulder Pose Yoga

• Posture and yoga form is a very common cause. Pelvic rotation as mentioned in the hamstring section is a trigger for either mild nerve pain or muscular pain.

• Unequal leg length and a torqued or turned pelvis is a cause.

• A significant number of people develop changes in the bones of the spine that increase the pain. This can be arthritis.

• Weak muscles, particularly in the abdominal region, can be a strong contributor.

• Mild muscle pain will get better with rest. Ice and massage help.

• If the pain is stronger or persists, see a doctor.

• X-rays can tell if the nerves are affected or if the shape of the spine is normal. They are not always conclusive, but they can usually highlight serious problems. If the X-rays are fairly normal, conservative treatment usually works.

• As long as it does not irritate the problem area, begin abdominal strengthening.

• Evaluate shoes for stability and gait for correct form.

• Seek help from a doctor sooner rather than later for back problems. Getting an early and accurate diagnosis can prevent needless aggravation and wasted time. The back is injured often and there are a lot of treatments available.

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