Sequencing Yoga Poses

Sequencing Yoga Poses

Outside of the Ankle Mostly But Can Be on the Inside ANKLE SPRAINS

• Pain is generated around the outer ankle when the foot rolls excessively to the outside. This is called an inversion sprain.

• Less commonly, the inner ankle is injured (an eversion strain) when the foot rolls too far to the inside.

• The primary areas affected by an inversion sprain are the ankle bone, the leg, or on the top of the foot.

• Eversion sprains produce pain around the inner ankle bone/inner side of the foot. Occasionally pain is experienced in the area just above the ankle.

• Sprains can produce damage in other areas of the leg and foot. If you’re experiencing unusual pain in an unexpected area it should be evaluated.

• Three ligaments attach the outer ankle bone to the foot. During a normal yoga/walking motion, the foot rolls to a neutral position, and the ankle balances the forces of body weight and forward movement. When the foot continues to roll excessively, the primary ligaments are severely stressed, and can tear. It is not uncommon for the stress on the bone to be so great, where the ligaments connect, that the bone will break. The torque of the foot, as it rolls over the bones, creates enough stress to fracture bones far from the ligaments. Sometimes the ligaments at the ankle are spared and the only effect is sore tendons.

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• Eversion sprains can injure the large sturdy ligament around the inner ankle bone or pull the tendons that support the arch, originating on the inner leg and ankle. An injury to the large inner ankle ligament can take a long time to heal.

• Inversion sprains are usually the result of yoga on an unexpected, irregular surface. Those with weak ankles are more prone. Unstable shoes also increase risk.

• Eversion sprains are also experienced by those yoga/walking on unstable surfaces. Those who are heavier, who have weak ankles and who pronate add stress and increase risk.

• There are far more eversion sprains produced in lateral movement sports (soccer, football, basketball) than in linear sports like yoga/walking.

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