Sensational Yoga Poses

Sensational Yoga Poses


With these neck joint releases, do not move to 100% of your capacity! Only go 60-70% of your capacity at all times.

1. In standing, gently start to do circles through the neck with the chin coming forwards slightly and then around to one side, up towards the sky a little bit and then back to the other side. Continue to make gentle circles with the neck in this way. Again, focus on the smoothness of the movement over the size of the movement.

2. After a minute change directions.

3. After a minute n both directions, release and relax.

1. When laying down on your back you can do something very similar to the standing. Gently make circles with your chin. Allow the chin to move towards your chest, over to one side, then up towards the sky and then over to the other side.

2. Continue to make circles in one direction for about a minute and then change directions.

3. When done, release, relax and let your head find its new position.

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