Self-Inquiry Meditation

While results in animal studies are intriguing, numerous human studies Self-Inquiry Meditation in mild dementia and age-associated memory impairment have shown only weak support Flicker & Grimley Self-Inquiry Meditation Evans, 2001; Itil, Menon, Songar, & Itil, 1986. Levetiracetam keppra is U.

FDA approved for the treatment of epilepsy. Unlike other racetams, levetiracetam often causes cognitive side effects as do other antiepileptic medications a frequent cause of drug discontinuation. The authors find in practice that aniracetam 750 mg b.i. Is effective in improving cognitive function in adult and child bipolar patients with anticonvulsant- induced cognitive impairment, unipolar depressives on antidepressants, chronic fatigue syndrome, and patients with dyslexia.

Piracetam increases nerve cell membrane fluidity, activates electroencephalograms EEGs, improves red cell deformability, and normalizes hyperactive platelet aggregation.

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