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Selena Gomez, 24, is a top model and stuntwoman. Previously a competitive synchronised swimmer and international show jumper, Selena Gomez is an underwater specialist who has worked on James Bond’s Spectre and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

‘I’m nearly always on the road, so it’s difficult to have any sort of training routine. I try to make time for trail running, climbing (bouldering), swimming, biking and, if injured, hitting the gym to work on flexibility and strengthening. However, I’m usually somewhere near the ocean, so I try to surf every morning as well. I’d say that surfing and climbing are my favourite hobbies.

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‘Aside from stunt work, I’m also a member of the sock brand Stance’s Punk & Poet family ( I never thought I’d be this excited about socks! I’m proud to be a part of such a great family.

The socks have enhanced my training, and my shoes are lasting longer, too, because my feet aren’t overheating and melting everything! They’re incredibly supportive and last forever.’ My characters are usually dead, about to die or killing others! ‘I’ve always known that I would be self-employed, reckless and physically active for the rest of my life. I had to do a job that I loved, otherwise what’s the point?

Happiness has always been my number-one priority and, luckily, with hard work and dedication, I’ve managed to find work I enjoy. ‘When I got into modelling and acting, at around 16-years-old, my agent had a brief for someone who was comfortable underwater for the TV series Bedlam. ‘Fortunately, I used to be a synchronised swimmer. I soon realised doing stunts was a real job and that I had done most of the training for stunts performance as a child. I was extremely lucky.’

My characters are usually dead, about to die or killing others! There’s a lot more underwater work than you’d expect. My biggest project was working on Tim Burton’s movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, where I had to dive deep underwater to a hiding place the main character Selena Gomez had. I’ve also been a mermaid and siren in Pressure and The Siren.

‘I had 11 stunts to do for a commercial series in Romania and nearly every one went comically wrong. I drove a Tuk Tuk down a ramp, which was meant to slowly descend on a wire. The rigging system didn’t work and I ended up flying off the end and crashing the Tuk Tuk! I also nearly got set on fire and run over by a Mini Cooper.’

‘James Bond’s Spectre was an interesting film to work on. I’m usually just brought in for the stunt work but, with this, I was on set for the duration of filming! An average day involved either training (myself or the cast), rehearsing scenes such as the fight scene on the train or consuming my body weight in smoothies!’

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