Seated Forward Fold

Seated Forward Fold

This static movement is a great release for the back, hamstrings, and your distracted mind.

Sit on your mat with your legs stretched in front of you. Throughout this movement, allow your knees to be as bent as necessary, depending on how tight your hamstrings are, but be sure to leave at least a microbend to protect the knees.

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As you inhale, lift your arms up overhead. Exhale, crease at the hips, maintain a straight spine as you release forward. Don’t push anything and take this movement measure by measure. Each time you breathe in, see whether you can lengthen by straightening your spine a bit. Each time you exhale, see whether you can let go and release a bit more, drawing your torso a bit closer to your knees. Never push yourself in a forward fold this is all about micromovements and not pushing yourself too far. After about five rounds of breath, on the sixth exhale, allow your spine to release and relax as you release any tension in your torso, letting yourself fold forward. Allow your breath to return to a normal, uncontrolled pattern as you let go in the fold.

When you are ready to come out on an inhale, slowly draw yourself up and return to a seated position.

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