Seated Chair Stretch Benefits

Good for an upper body stretch; relieves muscle tension.


1. Sit on the edge of a chair in your home or office. Do not use a swiveling chair.

2. Put your left hand behind your back, the palm turned away from your back.

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Stretch the right arm upward.

3. Take the upward extended hand and reach behind your back to grasp the left hand. Hold and breathe into the stretch.

4. Repeat for the opposite side.

Note: One side of your body will probably be more flexible than the other side. The stretch is difficult and you may not be able to reach the other hand. Stretch only as far as you can. Use a handkerchief or a towel in the upward stretched arm and allow the hand behind your back to grasp it. This will aid the stretch.

Forward Bending Poses.

Seated forward bends are introspective and calm the mind. Some of the poses are more vigorous than others. A few of the poses are considered good restorative poses. All tone the abdominals.

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