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Other Brahmins found other solutions by linking yoga and tapas to emerging gnostic wisdom discourses and re-constructed divinities. This solution often rejected the ritual aspect, but still claimed to belong to the Vedic culture. It did so by continuing to employ Vedic sign systems – Brahmin rhetoric – but those signs were clearly re-defined and re-constructed.

This solution, seen in the Upanishads, charged yoga with new forms of symbolic energy: the yoga adept became transformed into a new mystical ontological entity. This mystic person or entity was ineffable – not this, not that.

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It was the liberated sage' who throughout history became an admirable, influential and mythical figure. It was a disinterested sage lifted above the issues of life. He was so rich in symbolic capital that he was removed and protected from rational scrutiny and critique.

He was a direct competitor to the Sramanic liberated, who the Jains named the jivan-mukti: the living liberated.

She was afraid to take any medication that might harm her Scorpion Yoga Pose baby. She agreed to a trial of psychotherapy and Ujjayi breathing see Chapter 3.After Scorpion Yoga Pose five minutes of Ujjayi breathing, she felt mentally and physically relaxed for the first time since the accident.

She readily agreed to practice yoga breathing 10 minutes twice a day, at bedtime and as needed. The following week she looked happy and rested. Her anxiety was much improved and she was no longer waking up in a terror.

She was having fewer nightmares, but driving was still triggering panic. During the third session, she chose an image to substitute in her mind whenever she noticed herself visualizing the accident.

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