Sciatica Yoga Poses

Sciatica Yoga Poses

You too can do this in your working life. Sit quietly the night before a big event or even an everyday event at work the next day. Close your eyes and imagine yourself confident, and in control sailing easily through the task. Then when tomorrow comes you can sail through the task as you have already completed it before.

The third Working Wow message I get from this picture is from the two dogs. Dogs are so loyal and giving. I do not have a dog but I know that they are very forgiving and loyal. If you come home and tell the dog to go away, it will perhaps for a short while and give you a bit of space. But then it will sneak up on you and give you a lick!

You can learn this technique for the office too. I am not suggesting that you give a colleague a lick but if someone comes in to the office in a bad mood, give them a bit of time to work off a bit of steam then make them feel a little better by a nice gesture. Give them a coffee or ask them if there is anything you can do for them.

I hope you like the picture and my thoughts that go with it.

What are your thoughts on this and how we can learn from the super hero?

I just loved this definition when I read it, it seems so appropriate.

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