Sciatica During Pregnancy Exercises

Sciatica During Pregnancy Exercises

The best way to get a sense of this is to use the microcosm man as an analogy. A human being is trying to work out his soul ‘vision’ through the current mechanism with which he is karmically connected. From time to time as a result of the stress of the process, unresolved psychological issues emerge from the past from the very substance of the unconscious to be dealt with. At other times the future calls him so strongly that he is able to move forward at a great pace. It is a dynamic process experienced in the present.

While Agni is the very substance of the three cosmic worlds, this does not mean that he is connected in ‘consciousness’ with all the lesser fires of his manifestation. There are elements of his own nature that are unconscious to him, as well as elements that are superconscious. Thus it is also for man.

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Some idea of the dynamic nature of the process can be grasped by considering that which is unconscious to the solar personality. We come up directly against an uncomfortable fact. We are unconscious to him. At least that is until after the Third Initiation. As units of solar consciousness trapped within the three lower worlds of the cosmic physical plane, we collectively form no more of a principle to him than our physical bodies do to us. We do not participate in his sentient nature when we are not conscious upon the cosmic etheric planes.

The higher three subplanes of the mental plane form a bridge of light between his unconscious and conscious nature. This bridge also enables him to increase his penetration into these worlds usually required when he becomes aware of a pocket of resistance to the unfoldment of his Purpose.

On Earth we are in effect ‘behind the Life wave’. Along with Saturn and Mars, we experience the ‘pain of rebellion’ resulting from a refusal to move on and let go of what we are attached to namely the three worlds.

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