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Research indicates that militancy among ascetics was widespread already under the Delhi Sultanate. 336 The jogi and fakir ascetics belonged to itinerant social-strata roaming the countryside. Such professional militant ascetics can be traced even further back to 700 AD. The question is whether they were ascetic Sadhus – professional holy men specialising in liberation and salvation – or they were a rural surplus population who due to their lifestyle and poverty were indistinguishable from itinerant ascetics striving for salvation. The local populace struggled to distinguish between them and probably perceived all of them as Sadhus and hence called themjogis and fakirs. I will return to this question but will now just treat them as the locals mostly did: as Sadhus.

It was frequently the case that ascetic Sadhus were bodyguards for local kings and that monasteries and holy orders had armed sections to protect themselves. Many Sadhus armed with swords, iron spears and sharp round throwing disks (chakras) wandered around offering their services. There is much evidence of groups of holy men fighting each other fiercely.

All brain scans appeared normal for the next two years. Scale Yoga PoseHe was eventually diagnosed as having progressive multi-infarct dementia. Unable to work, George Scale Yoga Posebecame apathetic and depressed, and could not participate in any social activities because of agitation and extremely inappropriate behavior. His wife bore the burden of caring for him because he could not communicate with other caregivers. First, George was treated with lamotrigine Lamictal 400 mg/day to control the seizures. Then he was started on SAMe 400 mg b.i. To improve apathy and brain function.

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