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Thus the overall impression remains that the YS does not grow out of a Brahmin world and its Upanishadic discourses on liberation. The total lack of a Vedantic philosophy, linking all the signs together, is a serious indication that most of these text fragments do not come from a Brahmin milieu.

A whole chapter of YS is devoted to magical powers – the vibhutis. In this respect and in many others – the YS is much more similar to many of the yoga styles of the Mahabharata . I will return to this. Why then is there so much talk about supernatural power in the YS? Critical scholars argue that it is because YS is about establishing a power discourse. The YS shows how humans, step by step, attain more power, which can be used for purification and knowledge (Pensa 1989). White (2009) argues that the vibhutis are an example of how yoga had several unrelated meanings. Most modern discourse on yoga tries to downplay this aspect. They feel it does not really belong to the YS, as they want to construct yoga as a rational and almost scientific discourse. We shall look into that dilemma later on, when I discuss the notion of Classical yoga’ .

However, according to the philosopher Pflueger Person, Purity and Power in the Yoga Sutra (2005) power is not just an unlucky add-on, but organic to the whole structure of YS. The human and the divine coalesce in the YS world, and it is important to display the inventory of power, which becomes available with practice. This not only sends an impressive symbolic signal to outsiders, but also signals that the real god is the yogi, and the god – Isvara -mentioned in the YS is nothing but an object of meditation like the guru.

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