Salambhasana, Shalabasana Yoga Pose

However, in striatal tissues of animals not exposed to haloperidol Salambhasana, Shalabasana Yoga Pose, NAC 1500 mg/day increased levels of superoxide free radical, decreased lipid peroxidation, Salambhasana, Shalabasana Yoga Pose and increased consumption of reduced glutathione. The increase in superoxide levels caused by haloperidol was blocked by all doses of NAC. The 1,500 mg/day dose of NAC prevented the haloperidol-induced rise in lipid peroxidation.

It also improved the ratio of glutathione to reduced glutathione Harvey, Joubert, du Preez, & Berk, 2007.

The highest dose used in this study far exceeds, proportionately, doses used in human studies.

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In excessive doses, NAC may have some effects that promote oxidative processes. This suggests caution, for example, in using high dose intravenous NAC in humans.

N-acetylcysteine NAC in appropriate doses may serve as a complementary treatment to reduce some symptoms of schizophrenia and to prevent or reduce medication-induced damage to striatal tissues and the ensuing side effects.

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