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The Yoga Sutra describes a style of yoga often called Classical yoga, raja-yoga or sometimes Patanjali-yoga. The Yoga Sutra (YS) is by far the most quoted scripture in the contemporary yoga discourse, as it is thought to reveal the essence of yoga. The YS is also the closest we come to a philosophical treaty on yoga. Despite this, I argue in this chapter that contrary to the belief of many yoga experts and sympathisers the YS does not come across as a coherent philosophical oeuvrem.

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These conclusions are probably very provocative to many. Even more provocative is the discussion where we contemplate whether the YS is an empty sign system not pointing towards any meditative experiential reality. Is the YS what Baudrillard calls a simulacrum (a copy without original)?

I then discuss why some Brahmin clans adapted this opaque text. The YS is often celebrated as the zenith of the yoga tradition, but some scholars see it instead as the testament of specific lifestyles, which at the time when the YS was compiled was actually extinct (Larson 1999). I conclude that, Patanjali's yoga techniques losing their social and practical basis, survived among urban elites and were used to bolster Puranic religio-philosophical systems.

This chapter is a very analytical and intense contemplation of a single but critical text. For the serious student of yoga, it is essential to engage with the YS in order to contemplate whether the rhetoric holds true that the YS defines the essence of yoga in general and therefore also gives meaning to yoga today.

N-acetylcysteine NAC Glutathione is the primary neuroprotective antioxidant in Salamba Sarvangasana Yoga Pose the brain. N-acetylcysteine increases intracellular glutathione levels see discussion in Chapter 2 and has Salamba Sarvangasana Yoga Pose its own free radical scavenger properties. In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled DBRPC study of 140 schizophrenics, NAC 1,000 mg b.i. Was given for six months. Compared to placebo, patients given NAC showed significant gains in Clinical Global Impression cGi with a moderate effect size=0. 40. In addition, NAC reduced symptoms of akathisia, a side effect of motor restlessness caused by antipsychotic medication Berk, 2007.

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