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Its beneficial neurological effects can be largely attributed to its avid Root Bond scavenging of OH-radicals in the membranes Zs-Nagy, 1994. Rat models of Root Bond cerebral ischemia demonstrate that CPH reduces cognitive deficits, suggesting a preventive role in cerebrovascular disease Liao, Wang, & Tang, 2004. The administration of CPH 100 mg/kg body weight per day, injected i.p. To aged rats for six weeks resulted in increased activity of catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione reductase, and glutathione in brain tissues. Lipid peroxidation was significantly decreased Bhalla & Nehru, 2005.

An eight-week DBRPC trial of CPH in patients with moderate dementia showed increased psychomotor and behavioral performance in about 50% of treated subjects compared to 27% on placebo Pek, Fulop, & Zs-Nagy, 1989. A three-month DBRPC study involving 62 geriatric patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia given either Antagonic Stress a preparation of CPH, vitamins, and nutrients or nicergoline found that those on the CPH preparation had significant improvements in memory, cognitive function, and behavior compared to those on nicergoline.

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