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Picamilon has both a mild tranquilizing action decreasing aggressive behavior and Revolved Triangle Yoga Pose mild stimulative properties, improving alertness and cognition. Picamilon was found to cross the blood- Revolved Triangle Yoga Pose brain barrier rapidly Dorofeev & Kholodov, 1991 and to have low toxicity in animal experiments median lethal oral dose is more than 10 g/kg of body weight. Russian researchers using picamilon 20 to 50 mg two to three times a day in therapies ranging from two weeks to three months, found the best results in patients with organic brain syndromes due to head trauma, cerebral atherosclerosis, and toxic brain lesions Kruglikova, 1997. Picamilon can be beneficial in patients with cerebral vascular impairment, particularly with decreased alertness, anxiety, and depression. Further studies are warranted.

The following case of multi-infarct dementia shows how picamilon can be combined with other CAM treatments to improve energy, cognitive function, mood, and social behavior. Case 2 Multi-Infarct Dementia George was a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, who began having personality changes, impaired cognitive function and memory, poor judgment, and social withdrawal at the age of 60. While he was being evaluated, he had several motor vehicle accidents due to seizures.

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