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By applying such methods, the Upanishad teachers claimed, they could perceive the hidden connections’ of reality. Behind reality as it appeared to most of us, the skilful masters claimed there existed a deeper networked reality’. This transcendent reality was a world of inter-connections. So what appeared to the untrained observer to be a fragmented and changing reality was an illusion. Behind it was an interconnected world, a single unified reality. This kind of thinking – investigating the transcendent (the non-observable) – is typically Axial Age episteme (way of reflecting).

The connections which the adepts claimed they had discovered through their methods were expressed in analogies and metaphors. The connections were presented as symbolic associations. However there was more to this, which made a significant difference. When the Upanishad sage had made these discoveries (like sign A was connected to B which was a symbol of C), he would himself become linked to these connections (a sign D added to A, B and C). Thus to know the hidden connection had amazing results. Through his discovery, the hidden connection between the sage and the underlying universe (between D and A,B,C) would be real-ised’. It would be activated. So because his acquired knowledge also had a hidden connection to underlying reality, his discovery would mean that the sage would become what he had discovered (Ruff 2012).

This further improved her energy level. She left her cane Revolved Side Angle Yoga Posein the closet and resumed many of her formerly abandoned activities, including attending concerts and lectures Revolved Side Angle Yoga Pose, riding the subway, and enjoying her sex life. However, she still complained of some inattentiveness and a tendency to mentally drift during lectures. She was referred for 10 neurotherapy treatments. She then reported subjective improvements in attention and concentration, enabling her to lecture effectively and increase her daily hours of productive work. Picamilon Picamilon contains the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA and vitamin B3 niacin. It increases cerebral blood flow by decreasing cerebral blood vessel tone. In a double-blind, controlled study, picamilon was more effective than vinpocetine in improving cerebral blood flow Mirzoian, Gan’shina, Kosoi, Aleksandrin, & Aleksandrin, 1989.

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