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Some research indicates an further rise in militant asceticism around 12-1300 AD (Gross 1992, Ghurye 1953). The arrival of raiding Turkic Muslim warriors and later roaming armed Muslimfakirs might have escalated already existing inter- communal violence and armament. Certainly from travellers' accounts we can see that the jogis and fakirs often travelled in racketeering gangs. Here again is for instance de Thervenot.

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Clearly he was not pleased with these people as he continues:

One may meet with some of them in the Countrey stark naked with Colours and Trumpets, who ask charity with Bow and Arrow in hand; and when they are the strongest, they leave it not to discretion of Travellers to give or refuse.

The Italian traveller Careri confirms this about 1695. He reports an Indian tradition of giving away children to religious groups in order to receive penance. He then observes: and for this reason there are so many thousand of Vagabonds Fachires throughout India. When the Fachires meet with Baraghis () they fight desperately. They never Marry, and Eat in the Houses of all sects (). They go into the Kitchen, and take what they will, tho' the master be not at Home. They come together like Swine by beat of a Tabor, or at the blowing of a Horn and march in companies with Banners, Lances and other Weapons. These vagabonds are look'd upon as saints and Live a loose Life, with the priviledge of committing any Crime their Brutality suggests.

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