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Evolutionary conflict models have already found their way into comparative and evolutionary sociology, archaeology and anthropology404. Studying the history of yoga I find we can learn a lot from such research. These theories of social evolution – or should we rather say theories of change – have often been used to clarify how a range of pre-modern societies evolved and took the form they did. To conceive pre-modern forms of yoga in such parallel contexts will often help to clarify our understanding. However we will also find that these models also apply to modern forms of yoga culture, where the aspect of dominance and social ranking moves to the foreground.

But it is important to bear in mind – and this is often misunderstood – that Darwinian-inspired social evolutionism is fundamentally non-directional. There is no general purpose or tendency inherent to change. There is in this model no prescribed way forward toward for instance increased social complexity. There is only persistent adaption of random mutations to a changing environment/matrix. Hence we often see that socially complex societies are collapsing and returning to undifferentiated forms.405

The implication of Darwinism is not just non-directional evolutionary modelling but a fundamentally new methodology about change. In fact what Darwin introduced was a historical genealogical methodology – which was later realised and applied by both Nietzsche and Foucault (Sarasin 2009). So this methodology of change has proved useful within human societies.406 I will return to this soon.

Prop: A chair or low stool, possibly a block Restorative yoga poses for weight loss . Avoiding pitfalls: Work carefully. Use your hands to guide the position of the foot Restorative yoga poses for weight loss . Stage I: One Foot Sit in a chair or on a stool or large cushion, with your right knee and foot out to the side. Bend your right knee and place the right foot on the floor at your midline, sole facing to the left, toes bent to the right. With your toes on the floor, lift the ankle and heel up so they come vertically over the big toe. This will create a strong stretch from the Achilles tendon to the tips of your toes. Adjust your posture to root the pelvic bones down and lift the spine.

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