Restorative Yoga Poses : Pregnant Goddess Pose

Pregnant Goddess Pose

Opening Pose, Backbend, Hip Opener • 8 to 12 minutes


Bolster (or 2 rolled blankets or a large pillow)

Blanket roll

  1. blocks (or large hardcover books)


  • If you experience discomfort in your knees or hips in this pose, extend your legs out long.


  • Provides a safe, gentle, and much-needed opening of your chest, shoulders, and inner thigh muscles during pregnancy.
  • Allows you to feel comfortable and supported without overstretching during pregnancy.
  • Improves respiration.
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety during pregnancy—and beyond.

Provides a safe and supportive alternative to Basic Relaxation Poseand other backbends during pregnancy.

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  1. . Set up your bolster on 2 blocks, one higher than the other so that your bolster is on a diagonal, with one edge securely on the ground.
  1. . Sit with the base of your spine touching the end of the bolster on the ground. Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together, opening your knees wide to make a diamond shape with your legs.
  1. . Place the middle of the blanket roll on top of your feet, then draw the ends around your ankles to meet behind your heels so your outer shins are supported.
  1. . Reach behind you and hold the bolster with both hands, so you can be sure it is steady before you lie back onto the bolster behind you.
  1. . Remain in Pregnant Goddess for 8 to 12 minutes, longer if you are comfortable. To exit, use your hands to draw your knees together then roll to your left side and press yourself up to a sitting position.


Despite the name, Pregnant Goddess Pose is appropriate for all bodies. Because it provides so much spinal support, it is a wonderful way to experience the energetic benefits of back bending, such as increased spaciousness across the front of your body, without placing any stress on your spine. Substitute this for any backbend.

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