Start by pendulum breathing for two minutes.

2. Hip massage

a. Stand up, legs slightly apart, and place your hands in the small of your back. Without moving your head or shoulders rotate your hips in a ‘hula-hula’ movement. Plan one rotation for each pendulum breath.

b. After six hip swings in one direction, repeat for a further six in the other direction.

3. Leg massage

People vary greatly when it comes to how well or how badly they can reach for their feet and lower legs. For this exercise it is best to sit on the floor and flex one leg over the other. Wear shorts or pull up your skirt over the knees, having removed stockings or tights.

a. Place the right foot on the floor crossed over the left leg. Rub your right knee between your hands while concentrating on pendulum breathing.

b. Then vigorously rub your calf between the palms of your hands.

c. Then ‘shake out’ hands and fingers, five times each hand. Repeat with other leg.


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