Relaxation Yoga Poses To Avoid

During your second trimester of pregnancy you will have to forgo the Savasana (Corpse Pose; Relaxation pose). There are other options for this wonderfully relaxing pose that your instructor will teach you. One is a modified Corpse Pose where you rest on your side with pillows for support. The other is a restorative pose with blankets, bolsters, and pillows.

Don't assume that what felt easy to do and relaxed in your twentieth week of pregnancy will feel easy and relaxed in your thirtieth week.

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As your body grows, so will your repertoire of prenatal poses and your prenatal ingenuity.

Pregnancy, Gravity, and Yoga Your center of gravity shifts during your pregnancy, and so does your center of balance. In preparation for childbirth, the body releases a hormone called relaxin that aids in the delivery process. Relaxin allows the ligaments and tendons to stretch more easily.

However, the release of relaxin also reduces the muscular and ligament support in the body, increasing the likelihood of strain during exercise.

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