a. This is a little different from the exercise learned on Day Six. First, gently feel with your fingers around your eyebrows and eyes, your cheeks, your jaw and the underneath of your jaw and upper neck. Feel the residual tension.

b. Then switch to Head in hands (Day Six), when your nose just peeks out between your little fingers.

c. Then slowly move your hands firmly over your face until they now ‘muff’ your ears. Take a pendulum breath in as they do so.

d. Then as you pendulum breathe out, draw your hands down the sides of your cheeks to meet under your jaw, and into a ‘prayer’ position.

Repeat five times. Repeat the muscle tension feeling and gauging that started the exercise. Stay with the relaxed feeling you appreciate.

a. Place your middle three fingers of both hands in the nape of your neck and give deep pressure strokes outwards, moving your whole hand

2. Nape of neck massage gradually, taking a one pendulum breath in and one pendulum breath out for each deep rub or stroke. Repeat five times.

b. Then let the head ‘nod’ forwards. It may creak a little but let it nod gently forward five times and then repeat the exercise together with the head nods. The second lot of nodding will be deeper than the first lot, due to more efficient muscle relaxation.


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