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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to Anand / Yoga for women in this course I’m showing you arson specially for women into menopause State or having menstrual pain or having irregular or absent periods, if you are currently having periods menstrual periods then please don’t lose tanding arsons or inverted positions, if you don’t suffer from any of this problem then please check out the poses from general yoga level 1 level 2 and level 3 rossabi the path of darkness on this arson will help you to reduce the mood swings. And the depression during the menopause.

It’ll also help you to relax the mind and reduce the effects of the stress so to go in this arson care about 4 feet distance between the feet keep the hands on your hips take a deep breath in and exhaling stretch forward keeping the chin up and bring the back parallel to the ground then slowly rest just the palms on the ground then take a deep breath in and exhale and go even down such that the head is going closer to the ground or touching the ground see that the legs are kept straight.

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So that you can pull the legs the knees back enough which will help you to keep the legs straight keep breathing enjoy this wonderful stretch for the legs for the back a flood flow towards the brain when you come out you just first raise the head up and make the back parallel to the ground from your keep the hands on back on the hips first. And then slowly start coming up. And then again bring the legs back the starting position you.

Reduce Thigh Fats with Power Yoga Legs

Namaskar and David that and welcome to an endeavor Power Yoga for legs Power Yoga is a complete body workout which helps you to improve your strength stamina flexibility and total body fitness power yoga for legs focuses on strengthening and toning of your leg muscles which includes calf hamstring and quadriceps at the same time it also helps you strengthen your leg joints like the ankles knees. And the hip joint power yoga legs technique file to go in this technique you start with the Surya Namaskar position 1 take the Namaskar up and back I wonderful stretch for your back then come to the hip hinge position enjoy the effect on your abs as well as your legs then the tabletop position from here you straighten both the legs and slowly take one leg back and up this will help you to take the weight on one leg improve the strength as well as the position of the leg helps you to make it flexible hamstrings are getting a good stretch when you feel like coming out to come drop the leg down and again take the hands up and for the other leg take the leg as much high as possible, if possible you take it at the height of your body. And then being relaxed from you come to the tabletop a pinch still in the back had the backward bend. And come out and relaxed standing on one leg head Prince your body to take the weight of your body on one leg it not only improves the strength of your muscles. But also the strength of your joints you.

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