Raw Juice

Raw Juice

Raw Juice contains almost immediately accessible fuel for your body and is the best way to cleanse the body. Most people will absorb far more nutrients from juice than from eating foods, even raw foods, since you do not rely on your digestive system being in optimum condition (which typically it is not). Juicing deliberately leaves the fibre out of our juices, so that they require minimum effort from your digestive system and contain maximum nutrients. Consequently, nutrients enter your bloodstream rapidly and are absorbed for use throughout your body.

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This rapid absorption is what makes Raw Juice such a powerful alkalizer and detoxifier.

A focused period of juice cleansing allows you to press the reset button on your health, and allows you to step back from your normal diet for a few days, to cleanse your palate and get back on the healthy eating track Typically you will find that by feeding yourself with juices for a short time instead on refined sugar products and processed foods you will actually stop craving these foods. You will also become more aware of what you are putting into your body and attentive to which foods truly make you feel good rather than relying on food stimulants. This all means that healthier eating becomes easier when you finish your cleanse.

Every day I drink from 300ml to 600ml of raw freshly pressed vegetable. I do this, so that my body functions properly all year round, and I have not seen a doctor for 13 years!

Remember health precedes sickness; it is not the result of a cure! You are the one that is in charge of your own health. If your body and blood is acidic, then your immune system against infection will be compromised. Not only this, it will interfere with your metabolism and digestion and make you feel sluggish. If left unchecked, and this the most serious bit – it will you cause you more serious health problems in the future.

Raw Juices are bursting with active enzymes, which are vital to a healthy diet. Raw Juices deliver vitamins, minerals and antioxidants straight to your body which rebuilds and rebalances the entire system.

At this time of year there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables in the northern hemisphere, and Raw Juice can be made from so any combination of the following: apples, cabbage, kale, celery, spinach, carrots and blackberries!

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