Rachel Chatham Brand Manager, FIT London

Rachel Chatham Brand Manager, FIT London

The 26-year-old events impresario on developing and growing the fitness festival and community.

‘My typical working day begins at6:30am. Three times a week,I head straight to my gym, UN1T(un1t.com) in London Bridge,for a class. After that, I’ll grab some eggs or asmoothie from a café, before heading to meetingsaround London.‘The annual Be:FIT London weekend takes place atthe Business Design Centre in Islington over May BankHoliday so I’m super busy, finalising all the fitness andnutrition professionals who are going to run classesor give talks. I have several meetings a day with gyms,brands, suppliers or potential talent and their agents.

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‘Be:FIT London (befitlondon.com) launched in2014 and I came on board in 2016, taskedwith growing it from a weekend exhibitionto a year-round brand and community forlike-minded women. I work alongsidecommercial manager Chelsea Cox, andour aim is to give women all the tools andadvice they need to lead their healthiest,happiest lives. We want to filter out all themisinformation surrounding fitness and nutrition andshowcase only the very best, most credible voices andtrends. As such, a big part of the job is checking thebackground and qualifications for all the experts webring on board. I meet every expert in person and Itry every class that ends up at Be:FIT.‘After doing a degree in TV production, I got intomarketing. I did an unpaid internship at a health andfitness marketing agency and ended up as a senioraccount manager, doing marketingfor various gym chains. In 2015, I ranthe London marathon for charity andused my fitness contacts to organisesome classes as fundraisers. Irealised I loved working in events, soI contacted fitness-event insiders viasocial media, asking them how I could get involved. Iwas soon offered bits of work, such as writing fitnessblog posts and online articles. Then I heard about thejob going at Be:FIT London, applied… and here I am!’

Rachel Chatham Brand Manager, FIT London


‘After my meetings, I usually head to our office to catchup with emails. I also look after all the marketing,promotions, social media andcustomer service queries, so therecan be a lot of screen time. ‘I usuallybring leftovers from the night beforefor lunch – and the office is alwaysfull of healthy snacks and drinks sentin by brands hoping to feature at theshow so we never go hungry.‘I head home around6pm, but do emailsand social media there,albeit in front of the TVwith a glass of wine!I’ve started runningagain at weekends(I’m targeting a half marathon forMacmillan this year), and a yoga-instructor friend might come over toteach me. If we have pop-up Be:FITworkshops or classes, I take part inthose, too. It sounds full-on, but I’mdoing what I love and get to exerciseand socialise as part of my job. I’mreally proud ofthe inclusive,supportivecommunitythat has grown up around Be:FIT London.ve seen strangers making lifelong friends.There’s a world of women making wellnesstheir priority – being healthy is the new cool.


‘As well as the festival (which this year hasa body confidence theme, #beyourown), wehave year-round, UK-wide pop-up events,such as supper clubs that bring like-mindedwomen together to eat great food and talkabout wellness. And we’ll take over boutiquestudios in London, bring in services suchas braid bars, and let you try the best newfitness trends. We also did a weekend fitnessretreat last year, and hope to do lots more.’


If you want to get into the fitness industry, put yourself out there. Go to classes, gyms and events on your own, talk to people, message them via social media, ask for advice.

Check out Well To Do, a useful information and careers platform for the wellness industry:welltodo global.com.

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