Proper Yoga Poses

Proper Yoga Poses

Warm up

Warming up the body is a very important part of the practice and cannot be underrated or ignored. Often warming up is overlooked, as modernized man tends to think himself or herself to be time poor. Warming up is essential in calming the energies of the mind, calming the breath and re-establishing a smooth flow of Qi and blood throughout the body. One of the primary aims of warming up is to produce a calming effect, for when the body and nervous system is calmed, the energies of the body flow more easily, which enhances any further practice. 20-30 minutes is the minimal time recommended for gentle warm up practices

Joint release

There are around 300 joints in the human body of which 7 are of primary importance. The 7 primary joints are the:

– ankles

– knees

– hips

– shoulders

– elbows

– wrists and

– neck

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A joint is defined as a place where two bones come to meet. Bones are not designed to have direct contact with each other and are therefore always separated slightly by cartilage, connective tissues, fibrous tissues and fluids that are designed to act like shock absorbers while also supporting the variety of movement of these joints. Keeping this cartilage and fibrous tissue healthy and hydrated is one of the main benefits of a good diet and most yoga practices.

Joints are venerable areas of the body where Qi and blood often become stagnant. A stagnation in Qi and blood in the joints often leads to pain related symptoms and a weakness in the musculature of the area which commonly gives rise to injury. Therefore joint release exercises are of primary importance and at least a few of the primary joints should always be incorporated into any warm up sequence. The following are some instructions for releasing the joints.

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