Pro Bulimia Tips Weight Loss What You Know About Food

As a dieter, you probably learned a lot about food. Some of the information you’ve learned may be helpful in your recovery from dieting. But some of the prejudices you’ve learned will only work against you. There’s one thing you have learned about food from this book: not enough of it causes some serious problems for you and your body.

Let’s go back to the basics. Overeating, by itself, is not the problem. Food alone is not the problem The problem is dieting, overeating, lousy food and the pattern of eating—the feast or famine cycle— that cause people to gain and maintain extra weight.

We’ve talked about when to eat. We’ve talked about how much to eat to get off the cycle. Now we have to discuss what to eat and this is just as important as the other two. What do you eat in order to recover and lose weight for good? To put it most succinctly, you eat really good food. That’s it. I know I’d better define my terms here—you may be unsure about exactly what that means. Let’s talk about food!

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