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This isn’t about condemning consumerism. It’s about going to the core and looking at the intention behind our choices Are they an extension and enhancement of our already grounded and compassionate sense of Self? Or are they coming from the impulse to fill, bandage and cover up the parts of ourselves that we fear fall short of enough ?

The choice, and the power are in our hands. If we re not happy with what’s out there, we need to transform what’s in here. Our outer world reflects our inner world so may that be our guide and barometer for us on this journey of selfgrowth, evolution and transformation – not only of ourselves, but of our planet.

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Here are two things to think about to move from scarcity to abundance, and from not good enough to worthy:

When you find yourself seeing life in terms of lack and scarcity: write down 5 things you are grateful for and 5 opportunities you can create.

When you catch yourself in “not good enough’ mode: in one column write down your beliefs about yourself and life when you’re coming from the perspective of scarcity and not enough’.

In another column, write down the beliefs about yourself and life from the perspective of abundance and worthiness. How do you show up in life in the first column versus the other? began my journey into the world of grains by accident. 1 often felt tired and bloated after meals, but didn’t give it much thought until a friend suggested I might be allergic to wheat. It turns out many of us suffer from a wheat (or gluten) intolerance to varying degrees, and it’s no wonder considering the heavy emphasis on bread and pasta, noodles, pies and biscuits in our supermarkets. Certainly my kitchen shelves were crammed full of the stuff.

As someone who likes to eat healthily, and considers herself to be a bit of a foodie’, I reasoned that my discovery could turn out to be a new eating opportunity in the making. So, I took myself off to my local wholefood shop and scoured the shelves to look for filling (key for a pitta), and yummy-look-ing wheat alternatives.

Of course you can buy wheat-free and gluten-free pasta and bread in most places these days, and I still like to tuck into the occasional bit of rye. but back then I was on the hunt for new ideas. I’d been to India a few times and knew about the different lentil options, but delicious as they are (and I do love a good dhal), I was looking for bulky, textured alternatives that are quick to cook and tasted just as good with my usual pasta sauces or stir-fry mix.

To my delight, I learned that there are loads of delicious grains out there, and the best bit is most of them are amazingly nutritious too. much more so than your average refined-wheat pasta shell. Good news for a vegetarian always on the hunt for extra protein!

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